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Viraj Gorasia

My journey so far.

My journey into product space started in my class 12th, when I decided to drop out of the formal education & make my own way.

I had a clear goal of building something throughout.

After dropping out, I explored various domains within the product space (ie. web development, marketing, content creation, community management & now Product Designing). Product Designing & Community Management have fascinated me the most amongst all.

Currently, I’m a product designer at Olvy, building side projects & sharing my journey actively on Twitter and writing my blogs here.

Previously, I’ve been a volunteer at The Product Folks, an alumnus at 10k Designers Community and Build by STL. I have also done numerous internships in marketing and content in various domains ranging from edtech to web3.

Hence the quest of exploration is on & going wherever my curiosity has to take me.

Hope to meet & build something with you someday in this journey :)